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About Us

Providing top quality products designed specifically for you, as well as personalized service. 

Heritage Industries, the world leader in ATM kiosk manufacturing, has been providing high quality ATM enclosures since the early 1980’s. We offer a diverse product line of kiosks, surrounds, backdrops and sign canopies for a variety of drive-up and walk-up ATM installation situations.

Heritage Industries can create a professional image for your financial institution that will enhance and improve your ATM transaction volume. Whether your installations are located on an island, through-the-wall, inside or freestanding, we will enable you to tie all your installations together with the same look. Your products will be designed, processed and produced in the 92,000 square foot Heritage factory and office facility, and will be then be delivered and installed by skilled Heritage professionals throughout the United States.

Some of our outstanding ATM enclosure features that have made Heritage a world leader include:

  • Steel unitized construction system
  • Keep-it-simple manual turntables in slimline style island kiosks
  • Experienced professional management and staff
  • In-house graphics design department and signage fabrication shop
  • Skilled Company employed field services technicians
  • Local personal service by Heritage Authorized Distributors


The management staff of Heritage Industries has decades of diverse construction experience. Our President, Mr. Rod Tompkins, has been in the manufacturing and construction industry since 1962.  Mr. Tompkins has a very broad background in industrial, commercial and residential construction, both in the field and in a controlled manufacturing facility. Our General Manager has been with Heritage since 1978. Our Chief Architect has been designing custom enclosures since 1981.  Our Production Manager has been with Heritage since 1983 and our Quality Assurance Manager since 1990.  Heritage has a very strong tradition of both customer and employee loyalty.

  A key element in managing the production of high quality products is the Heritage Quality Assurance Program. Step-by-step procedures have been established and the Quality Assurance Manager works closely with the production supervisors to see that the Heritage standards are met on every product produced. This “marriage” between management and production assures our customers of the finest quality enclosures possible. Heritage employees take great pride in their company and the products they produce.

Field Service Technicians

Providing a quality product is only part of the Heritage system.  Another important part is providing personalized service to our customers.  Heritage has skilled personnel delivering and installing kiosks throughout the United States with our own fleet of trucks.  Heritage Field service technicians are knowledgeable and personable.  They understand each job is special to each customer, and they take great care to make sure the customer’s concerns are understood and satisfied.

Local Authorized Dealers

Our “local distributor” system provides you with personal attention before, during and after your ATM products are received.  Heritage understands the importance of having your project completed to your satisfaction.  Having a local distributor from your market area will ensure that your ATM installation is handled correctly and in a timely manner.  Your local Heritage distributor can act as your general contractor for site work, or he can take care of only those details you wish. Our authorized distributors are there to make sure that all of your ATM kiosk and surround needs are handled professionally.

In-House Graphics Design

Heritage will help you create your own corporate identity image throughout your entire ATM network. While the function and location of the ATM are extremely important, the ATM is also a part of your marketing message. The Heritage graphics design department will create a consistent professional image to enhance and improve your ATM transaction volume. We can replicate your logo and your colors, or do whole photographic wraps on a kiosk or surround.

Construction Detail

Unitized Construction System:

Our unitized construction system is similar to that used by the race car industry to build an ultra-strong frame for the structure. We start with structurally engineered bent steel panels that are welded together to make one unitized kiosk with unprecedented strength. The strength of our kiosks allow for easy transportation, easy relocation if necessary, and long lasting durability. ln addition to producing a product with structural superiority, Heritage takes it a step further by protecting the exterior of the kiosk. Each kiosk is treated with a marine epoxy primer, numerous layers of automotive paint and a high gloss clear coat finish that is graffiti resistant. The final finish is constantly termed “outstanding” by our customers.

Keep-it-Simple Manual Turntables

To service the ATM, Heritage has developed a remarkable turntable system for rotating the ATM 90 degrees to access the rear of the ATM from inside the kiosk. The Heritage turntable system is manually operated yet can easily be rotated to the service position by one person. By eliminating the need for motors, cables, chains, or electronic devices to rotate the ATM, we’ve eliminated many of the maintenance and service problems. The turntables are built with sealed bearings and require no oiling, lubrication, or maintenance. The turntable system is an integral part of the unitized kiosk. They are designed to be service-free for the lifetime of the kiosk.